6 Color 2015 Heidelberg XL106-6 LX


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6 Color 2015 Heidelberg XL106-6 LX


Equipped with the following: 

  • 18,000 SPH
  • Prinect Axis Control integrated console with WallScreen
  • XY spectral  adjustment from the console with Closed Loop 
  • InkStar fully automated ink metering system with CAN connection to the console
  • CombiStar central re-circulation and refrigeration
  • DryStar IR drying module 
  • Pre-Set Plus X2 Delivery extension - Non Stop
  • PowderStar AP500 anti offset system
  • Pre-Set Feeder -Non Stop with pull side lay and ultrasonic double sheet detection and pre-loader
  • CleanStar powder extraction system
  • StaticStar anti-static system in feeder & delivery with ionizer
  • Air Transfer sheet travel control system 
  • Cardboard Kit sheet travel system
  • Autoplate Advanced
  • Auto Blanket and Auto Cylinder wash
  • Vario dampening
  • Chambered doctor blade Anilox Coater
  • AirStar Pro air cooled air supply cabinet

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